Why you should add journaling to your routine

Why you should add journaling to your routine

I've always loved the act of writing things down. I'm a huge fan of planning and I spent 5 years bullet journaling before switching to digitally planning a few years ago. While I'm OBSESSED with digital planning, I sometimes miss the actual part of journaling and writing things down.

During one of my daughter's recent trips to Barnes & Noble, while my kids were endlessly browsing the anime/manga section fo the store, I stumbled upon the journaling section of the store and found these beautiful journals that I had to have.  I'm one of those people that enjoys making lists and I've been trying to focus more on my mental health so these journals by Moorea Seal were perfect for me. 

The journals are designed with one journal list prompt for every week of the year. I don't always have time to journal every day, but I do try to journal a few times a week (usually in the late mornings while I sip on my tea) or at least one day a week (like Sundays when I'm planning for the week ahead).

Not only is the inside of these journals as beautiful as the outside, they have fun and thoughtful journal prompts such as: 'List what makes you happy right now,' 'List the movies, books and tv shows that make you feel happy,' 'List the things that felt important five or ten years ago but are unimportant now,' 'List your favorite places you've been,' or 'List your favorite mood boosting songs.'

There are a few different journals but I went with the following: '52 Lists for Happiness' and 'The 52 lists project' which they also sell on Amazon. If you like shopping at TJ Maxx, like I do, they also have some great journaling books there as well. These journals have been great for my mental health, and I love that the lists are light and fun and make your enjoy and appreciate the small things in life.

Have you tried journaling?

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Journaling has changed my life in so many ways. It helps me with anxiety and achieving my goals. I have a blog about fitness, nutrition, and wellness. I wrote an article about how a weight loss journal helps you achieve your fitness goals. Take a look, if you’re curious: https://www.thrivewhilesmiling.com/blog/weight-loss-journal-ideas

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